Voice of the Child Consultancy

Culture, Policy and Practice

Our strategic consultancy services support managers and leaders to create, develop or review their listening culture, policy and practice – ensuring that the voice of the child is heard and responded to in service delivery, development and improvement.

This work applies a values-based, ethics-driven approach to service development and improvement, upholding the rights of the child in the belief that children and young people can make a valuable and worthwhile contribution to service improvement. Service review and recommendations ensure that real and meaningful opportunities are available for children and young people to be involved in decisions that impact on their lived world — individually or collectively.

What we offer

A Whole System Approach

Consultancy services are provided applying a whole-system approach to service improvement. This encompasses the organisational culture, policy, systems and structures – to enable the voice of the child to be heard in decisions at an individual level, and collectively – in supporting service improvement.

Assessment of Needs

We ensure that our service is reflexive and responsive to the needs of individual organisations through the delivery of bespoke consultancy services. These include the provision of 1:1 meetings with leaders and managers to discuss individual service-specific requirements and preparing a programme tailored to meet their needs.

Audit, Planning, Review and Development

A systematic, structured approach is applied to the provision of service review, planning and development. This process involves the provision of a baseline assessment of the organisation’s listening culture, policy and practice; applying national standards and quality frameworks for listening to children; recommended areas for improvement and development, and, where required, the development of service improvement plans.


Outcomes from the delivered programme include the development of systems, structures and process, to:

  • Enable and sustain children’s and young people’s involvement in decision-making, individually and collectively, on issues that impact on their lived world
  • Facilitate, enable and sustain the voice of the child in service development, review, self-assessment and service improvement programmes
  • Scrutinise and review organisational culture, policy and practice, and where required, development of Listening to Children Strategies and service improvement plans

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