Off-site Practice Education

Off-site Practice Education is currently provided to social work students in their first practice placements, in the following regions of Northern England:

  • North East
  • North Yorkshire
  • West Yorkshire
  • Humberside
  • Other areas on request

Off-site Practice Education services will be extended to final year social work students from Summer 2018. This service is organised by University Placement Teams and requires a host organisation to provide a suitable practice placement.

Many thanks for acting as the PE for student A on their recent 70-day placement. 
I know from speaking to the student that they have found supervision to be helpful and thought-provoking. You have encouraged them to think more widely about practice issues and feel confident enough to explore the more uncertain areas associated with practice. I have seen the student’s enthusiasm and confidence really develop and I am aware that you have worked very proactively with the student to support their development throughout the placement. I am aware of how much you have worked with Student A to help them gain a good understanding of the legislative and professional frameworks that guide practice including the PCF’s and to develop a sound understanding of social work theories. Many thanks again for all your input.

Anne Gribbens

Academic Tutor and Lecturer (Social Work) , Sunderland University

Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE)
Support and Mentoring

We provide a range of services to support Newly Qualified Social Workers in their ASYE – through both 1:1 mentoring and through facilitation of support sessions and training in:

  • Communication and Engagement with children and young people
  • Using Words and Pictures as a communication tool with young children
  • Reflective practice
  • Evidencing competency against the PCF and KSS
  • Portfolio development to comply with national requirements Internal and External Moderation
  • Moderation of individual portfolios and of wider ASYE Programmes
  • Membership and representation at ASYE External Moderation Partnerships

Academic Tutoring
(Step Up to Social Work)

Academic tutoring services are available to support Step Up to Social Work Trainees, organised and arranged by the North East Step Up To Social Work Partnership.

Thank you for all of your help, support and encouragement. From the very beginning Lisa, I have really appreciated all that you have done for me and your belief in me.

Step Up to Social Work Trainee


Thanks for helping me to grow.

Step Up to Social Work Trainee


(Voice of the Child in Social Work)

Guest Lecturing services are available, delivering Communication and Engagement workshops in Universities to a range of  BA and MA Social Work Students. The Workshops are highly interactive, energetic and participatory, providing students with practice based learning which is supported by a range of activities  linked to the  ‘See Me, Hear Me Know Me Tools‘.

The level 5 students found the communicating with children workshop very engaging and interactive with practical resources and tools built in to the session to underpin the student learning experience. The students all have varying levels of experience in working with children however all students were able to confidently participate in the workshop and identify how the resources could be used in social work practice. The workshop encouraged students to think about the building blocks of communication and how to break down the barriers in communicating with children. The resources introduced within the workshop were simple enough for the students feel confident to ‘have a go’ however were creative enough to encourage critical thinking in relation to adapting the resources to different social work situations.

Louise Robson

Programme Lead BA (Hons) Social Work, New College Durham

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