See Me, Hear Me, Know Me™

We have created ‘SeeMe. HearMe. Know Me™ by applying learning from extensive research and development, including targeted training, learning and practice in communication with young children over the past 15 years.

Our toolkits are designed to:

Improve, amplify and blow the trumpet for the voice of the child in direct practice! A big ambition, we know! And with good quality training, supported by practice-based tools – this a realistic ambition for all the practitioners we work with. The Tools™ provide ready-to-use, easy-to-apply methods and techniques. They have been designed with practitioners in mind – to develop, improve and enhance their capacity to listen, capture the views of the child, and gain an understanding of the child’s feelings and wishes.

Our aim is to:

Provide practitioners with a selection of listening methods and tools that are easy-to use and adaptable.  The Tools™ apply the following rationale and ethical framework:

  • No one method of listening is a panacea for all children. Effective listening requires practitioners to be flexible, try new ideas, adopt and adapt, to ensure the methods fit and are appropriate to each child
  • The Tools are designed to be a ‘starter’ pack of ideas and techniques that will be adapted, built on and modified
  • The toolkits use a ‘pick and mix’ approach, in recognition of the individualised nature of listening to children and the learning preferences of practitioners. Choose those that appeal to you and suit the child, go back to the ones you/they enjoyed, and be prepared try out new ‘flavours’ of listening

What is on offer?

We have created three toolkits, with additional facility to ‘pick and mix’ elements of the toolkits:

Listening and Building Rapport Toolkit

The Listening and Building Rapport Toolkit is a general toolkit to promote and enhance listening and to build rapport and engagement with the child.

Emotions, Feelings and Behaviour Toolkit

This Toolkit provides practitioners with tools, techniques and methods to capture the wishes, feelings and emotions of children.

Culture and Diversity Toolkit

The culture and diversity toolkit supports practitioners to explore culture and diversity with young children by capturing the child’s view of their lived world.

Pick and Mix

Some practitioners may not wish to purchase complete toolkits. There is the facility to purchase elements of the kits – specific tools to mix and match or make your own toolkits.

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