Listening to Children workshop


To build the capacity of Health and Social Care Practitioners and students to work directly with young children from birth to aged 10, to:

  • build rapport with young children and establish trust
  • communicate in multiple child-friendly formats
  • gain the child’s participation in decisions ­­that affect their lived world
  • evidence and record competency in communication and engagement as part of Continual Professional Development

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, practitioners will be able to apply the following learning outcomes to their direct practice with young children:

  • Understand children’s rights to be listened to
  • Understand the values and ethics of listening in a social work setting
  • Identify Why, What, How, When and Where listening occurs in social work practice
  • Apply practical, evidence-based tools and techniques to establish rapport, build relationships, and increase communication and engagement with young children
  • Utilise methods of evidencing and recording listening activities with young children

Supporting and linking to Continual Professional Development (CPD)

The workshop will enable practitioners to identify how listening to young children forms a fundamental part of their CPD and practice.

Supporting Resources

The workshop is supported by a range of practical toolkits, providing practitioners with ready-to-use tools and techniques, to apply the Listening Framework to practice. There are three toolkits available:

  • listening and building rapport
  • culture and diversity
  • emotions and behaviour (including self-esteem)

Who should attend the training?

The workshop applies the Listening to Children Framework – which is a universal framework to be used across Health and Social Care.

The workshop is appropriate for any practitioner working directly with young children in Health or Social Care settings, including:

  • Student social workers (BA and MA)
  • Newly Qualified Social Workers (ASYE)
  • Experienced and Senior Social Workers
  • Independent Reviewing Officers (IRO’s)
  • Children’s Guardian
  • Early Help Practitioners


Maximum of 20 delegates.



Please note that this price is not inclusive of venue hire (where necessary) or refreshments.

Supporting Resources

To improve outcomes from the training, the workshop is supported by a range of tools and techniques, designed to provide practitioners with ready-to-use tools to support, improve and enrich listening practice.

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