Storytelling – Words and Pictures


Storytelling has been used as a method of communication for thousands of years. From an early age, young children learn through stories and are familiar and comfortable with storytelling. Practitioners have been using words and pictures as a form of communication for many years, including its use in Person-Centred Planning and  Signs of Safety approaches.

This half-day Masterclass provides practitioners with tried and tested techniques to communicate with children using words and pictures and to create short stories to convey key messages, and increase the child’s understanding.


To enable practitioners to communicate confidently with young children using words and pictures.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, social workers will:

  • Understand how to apply key concepts and techniques – using words and pictures as communication tools with young children
  • Be able to create short stories for young children, using words and pictures to:
    • obtain information from children to feed into the assessment process
    • develop the child’s understanding of, and ability to contribute to, care-related decisions that impact on their lived world
    • provide children with information on the safety planning process, and the creation of plans for care and support.

Supporting and Linking to Continual Professional Development (CPD)

The workshop will enable practitioners to identify how listening to young children forms a fundamental part of their CPD and practice.


The focus is on application and adaptation of techniques to practice, to enable social workers to create their own short storybooks as an effective communication and engagement tool with young children.

Who should attend the training?

The workshop is appropriate for any practitioner working directly with young children in Health or Social Care settings, including:

  • Student social workers (BA and MA)
  • Newly Qualified Social Workers (ASYE)
  • Experienced and Senior Social Workers
  • Independent Reviewing Officers (IRO’s)
  • Children’s Guardian
  • Early Help Practitioners


Maximum of 16 delegates.



Please note that this price is not inclusive of venue hire (if required) or refreshments.

Supporting Resources

To improve outcomes from the training, the workshop is supported by a range of tools and techniques, designed to provide practitioners with ready-to-use tools to support, improve and enrich listening practice.

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